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  • Olympics spark interest in cupping

              Olympics spark interest in cupping As an athlete, acupuncturist Kristen Wood found relief in Oriental medicine when she injured herself in her 20s. That’s what inspired her to open her own practice, Snow Blossom Acupuncture, in 2010, where she decided to incorporate cupping too. “Cupping is such an amazing therapy because […]

  • Post-stroke Acupuncture

     Dr. Teresa C. Hill Post-stroke Acupuncture Post-stroke acupuncture is a specialized branch of Chinese medicine. It is a blend of neurology and classical acupuncture. This therapy is acupuncture stimulation near the stroke damage. In China, acupuncture is the standard of care for post stroke patients and about 90 percent of its hospital patients receiving acupuncture […]

  • Concepts of Qi

      The Concept of Qi No concept is more elusive in Chinese medicine than the concept of Qi.  Most scholars feel that the meaning of this term is so vague and indefinite that it should not be translated at all.  In practice, however, many acupuncturists refer to Qi as “energy,” and to acupuncture in general as […]

  • Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine can only be taught with a strong clinical emphasis. That is where this college stands heads and shoulders above other TCM Schools. If you want to learn to become an acupuncture technician that follows protocols like a robot, this is not the school for you. If you want to learn the […]

  • We Offer a Stable & Reliable Schedule

    Every year, students transfer to the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) because their previous college was unable to coordinate their graduation to fit within the time frame that they were originally promised when they started school. At MCOM we know our course schedule for the next 5 years. We are able to take your […]

  • Recipes for wind patterns

    Recipes for Wind Patterns During the fall and winter months, our bodies can become more susceptible to the exogenous elemental factors that can cause us to become ill. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a common cold is most often classified as wind cold or wind heat. This usually happens in cold season. A Patient has symptoms […]

  • What is Wei Qi

    What is Wei Qi? Wei Qi is a classification of Qi that is otherwise known as our protective Qi. It is our first line of defense against external factors that cause illness. The stronger and more nourished our protective qi, the healthier and more resistant we are to external pathogens that cause illness. In traditional […]

  • 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Your Clinical Experience at MCOM

    Here at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine(MCOM) we believe that the clinic is the most important environment for a student to come into their own as an Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. This is why students at the MCOM start their clinical experience the very first week of school during the fall […]