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  • Recipes for wind patterns

    Recipes for Wind Patterns During the fall and winter months, our bodies can become more susceptible to the exogenous elemental factors that can cause us to become ill. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a common cold is most often classified as wind cold or wind heat. This usually happens in cold season. A Patient has symptoms […]

  • 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Your Clinical Experience at MCOM

    Here at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine(MCOM) we believe that the clinic is the most important environment for a student to come into their own as an Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. This is why students at the MCOM start their clinical experience the very first week of school during the fall […]

  • Acupuncture Incident Under the Microscope

    An article was posted yesterday from titled, “Acupuncture Can Spread Tuberculosis, Researchers Warn.” That is one big scary title about an isolated incident from 2011 in China, right? Well, before I let my yang blow through the roof let’s talk about the validity of the risks involved in acupuncture. The practice of inserting needles […]