Acupuncture shows promise in migraine treatment

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Acupuncture shows promise in migraine treatment

A study published February in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine said acupuncture may be helpful in reducing the frequency of migraines and preventing attacks. The research, which builds on a body of knowledge from smaller studies, looked at how true acupuncture compared with sham acupuncture in reducing migraine attacks and symptoms in those who have been battling the condition for at least a year. Twenty weeks after receiving treatment at five times a week, patients in the true acupuncture group saw a reduction in the average number of migraines from 4.8 per month to 3 per month, with no adverse events reported requiring “special medical intervention.” While migraine preventive medications exist, they are not necessarily effective for all patients and Over-the-counter medications provide little to no relief for chronic migraine sufferers and prescription drugs can be costly or come with undesired side effects.

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