Therapeutic massage hitting the spot for kids

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Therapeutic massage hitting the spot for kids

  Small children are apt to object to swallowing yucky­ tasting medicine and they most definitely protest against needles, but parents are finding there is a form of treatment they do not seem to mind as much. Tuina, or Chinese therapeutic massage, is non­invasive and does not have to hurt. Yu Guo Chinese Physician, which started in 1986 and claims to be the biggest private pediatric tuina centre here, has had to hire more TCM physicians and now has a team of more than 10, said physician Koh Tin Yock. Other clinics, such as Herbal Basic TCM clinic and Ma Kuang Healthcare group, also reported rising demand for pediatric tuina. Urbanrehab, which offers physiotherapy, hand therapy and other services, started offering TCM treatments, including pediatric tuina, when its TCM physician Lim Xiang Jun came on board in 2014. Parents often opt for pediatric tuina for infants and very young children as it is a non invasive method, say TCM physicians. “The parents are afraid that their young child may be taking too much medication or it could be the child refusing medication,” said TCM physician Neo Min Jun of the Eu Yan Sang TCM clinics in Chinatown and Simei. Ms Neo, who has a double degree in biomedical sciences and TCM, said pediatric tuina can help with general issues that affect a child’s health but on which Western medication may not be effective.

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