Taking the weight off with TCM

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Taking the weight off with TCM

TCM practitioner Zeng Wei, from Ma Kuang TCM Medical Centre, said the two clinics she is attached to see about 900 patients each month, the majority of whom struggle with weight. Some, like Mdm Low, turn to TCM after experiencing a weight rebound following unsuccessful weight loss programs made up of off the shelf slimming pills or strict dieting. THE YIN AND YANG OF WEIGHT LOSS According to TCM principles, excess weight is said to be a sign of some “imbalances in the body” due to factors such as ageing and an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, which interrupt “qi” (the “vital energy” of the body) and lead to the buildup of toxins, said Ms Lin. Ms Zeng said overweight patients tend to have sluggish metabolisms due to their sedentary and stressful lifestyles, lack of adequate sleep and poor diet factors also known to cause weight gain according to Western medicine. Ranging from acupuncture and tuina to herbal prescriptions, TCM treatments for weight management typically focus on restoring the “internal balance” of the body, which in turn improves circulation and revs up metabolism, said Ms Zeng. But the TCM physicians stressed that weight loss through TCM is not a quick fix as patients are also encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle in tandem with their treatments.

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