Is it time to give acupuncture a try for pain relief?

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Is it time to give acupuncture a try for pain relief?

 Harvard Medical School and other leading institutions offer courses in acupuncture for physicians, several professional societies certify acupuncturists, and two to three million Americans visit an acupuncturist every year. While earlier studies compared acupuncture to no treatment or a sham procedure, a more recent clinical trial compared it to conventional pain treatment medication and physical therapy. In that study, published in November 2015 in Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers determined that up to 12 / 50-minute acupuncture treatments over several months were more effective for relieving chronic neck pain than customary treatment with pain relievers and physical therapy. The patients who underwent acupuncture had an average 33% reduction in reported pain six months after they completed treatment, compared with a 22% reduction for those who had conventional treatment. Over all, acupuncture relieved pain as measured on standard pain scales by about 50%. If you’re interested in trying acupuncture if you’ve been enduring chronic pain for some time, acupuncture is worth a try.

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