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Acupuncture doubles chance of having a baby with IVF


Acupuncture can dramatically boost the chances of IVF treatment working, a study suggests. A British study found that rates of success were twice as high among those having the alternative therapy. Fertility experts said the findings were interesting and statistically significant. The study by Homerton University Hospital in London, involved 160 couples suffering from fertility problems. Half were assigned to have four sessions of acupuncture during their IVF cycle. One year on, those who underwent the ancient practice, involving fine needles, had achieved pregnancy rates of 46.2 per cent. Among those who had not, pregnancy rates were just 21.7 per cent. “Fertility treatment is stressful and it can be quite helpful to have a therapy which relaxes them. There is no doubt that when people are given acupuncture it can feel like an extra dimension of support,” Dr Adam Balen.


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