Acupuncture for Cancer Pain

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Acupuncture hailed as a Treatment for Cancer Pain

Acupuncture is very effective in dealing with peripheral neuropathy, or numbness, gynecological and colorectal cancer patients experience as a result of chemotherapy. That’s why more and more doctors are offering alternative therapies like acupuncture to deal with either the cancer pain or nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. Karen Lin, assistant dean for global health at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, said acupuncture is even effective in treating the terminally ill. Studies show acupuncture may be helpful in relieving nausea caused by chemotherapy and may help relieve certain types of pain in people with cancer, according to the Mayo Clinic. Acupuncture is safe if it’s performed by a licensed practitioner using sterile needles, the Mayo Clinic says, also noting that acupuncture isn’t safe if you’re taking blood thinners or if you have low blood counts, so check with your doctor first. “Oncologists at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey here in New Brunswick regularly refer patients to me specifically for the cancer or side effects. By using integrated Eastern and Western medicine, we can really help people with cancer pain,” said Lin, who sits on the New Jersey Board of Acupuncture Examiners.


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