Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?

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Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?shutterstock_274652159

 Acupuncturists get asked about the tool they wield all the time. Here’s what they tell people who say they’d love to try acupuncture but haven’t because they’re scared of needles. “Needle apprehension is very common and natural, considering that we have been conditioned to associate needles with pain think dentists, blood draws, and IVs,” says acupuncturist Kathryn Peak. “But acupuncture needles are hair-thin and nothing like the needles we are accustomed to in a medical setting.” Most people who have never had acupuncture do not realize how thin acupuncture needles are. Acupuncturist Adam Cantor reminds people that the needling sensation from acupuncture is so gentle that even kids are cool with it. “I’ve found that simply changing the word ‘needle’ to ‘pin’ helps shift the mindset away from needle phobia,” says acupuncturist Amy Kuretsky. Acupuncturist Jodi Knauer has another name for acupuncture needles: “I have several patients who refer to acupuncture needles as ‘magical healing sticks,’” says Knauer. Acupuncturist Kerry Jenni, a self-described needle phoebe who realized after becoming an acupuncturist that acupuncture needles are nothing like the ones she’s scared of, says that keeping her arms free during her early days of receiving acupuncture was helpful.

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