Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?

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Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?mom and children with a doctor

The continually growing body of evidence that acupuncture, the traditional Chinese technique of inserting hair-thin needled into strategic points on the body, is safe with no adverse effects and some real benefits: Relieving muscle aches, migraines, stomach cramps, respiratory troubles, and even emotional trauma. Is acupuncture safe for them? Every one of these kids reported having significantly less pain after receiving acupuncture. “Many Western practitioners had been hesitant to recommend acupuncture for their young patients either because of the lack of research or because they just assumed parents wouldn’t be interested,” says study author Angela Johnson, a licensed acupuncturist. “The fear for a lot of folks who’ve never tried acupuncture is that it’ll hurt.”But acupuncture needles are incredibly tiny and flexible and sterile, so some people feel a slight pinch or sense of warmth for a quick second, but it goes away.” Now we have proof that, when done by an expertly trained provider, acupuncture is very low risk. When you weigh the pros and cons, it’s a very safe and effective thing to at least try.

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