Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine

Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine can only be taught with a strong clinical emphasis. That is where this college stands heads and shoulders above other TCM Schools. If you want to learn to become an acupuncture technician that follows protocols like a robot, this is not the school for you. If you want to learn the art of patient communication and the methodologies of how the great TCM practitioners diagnose (according to TCM) and treat an incredibly wide spectrum of patient problems, MCOM is where you need to learn.

For the past 36 years the college have graduated highly skilled Acupuncture & TCM practitioners. Our graduates have personally played a part in bringing this medicine to the popularity that it has today. From helping pass licensing legislation & founding schools in other countries to establishing successful private practices and working in prestigious hospitals.

The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine has established roots that go back to 1979. The essence of our teaching method is, and has always been, to convey the purest message of Traditional Chinese Medicine to our students. We believe that the beauty of this medicine is how is has withstood the test of time and continues to be relevant through technological advancements and the progression of medicinal philosophies throughout time.

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