We Offer a Stable & Reliable Schedule

Every year, students transfer to the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) because their previous college was unable to coordinate their graduation to fit within the time frame that they were originally promised when they started school. At MCOM we know our course schedule for the next 5 years.

We are able to take your transcripts and apply transfer credit to the courses that you have already completed at your current college. After we award your transfer credit, we can put together your schedule from now until you graduate.

It will cost you $0.00 to transfer your credits into MCOM. This is because we want to encourage you to join the oldest college currently teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Midwest. 86% of the students who start at MCOM complete their program.

By giving you a stable schedule, you are able to plan your life around school more effectively. This takes stress out of your life and allows you to focus on balancing life and school.

Give us a call today, 800-593-2320 and find out when you would graduate if you made the switch to MCOM.

Chicago Students in Dr. Alan Uretz's Class

Students attending Dr. Alan Uretz’s Class


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