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Welcome to Tian’s News!

MCOM features relevant article and news about the TCM field and shares some fun stuff too! In addition, you may find articles written by our Faculty, Graduates and current Students.Who is Tian?

Tian’s full name is Tian Nu San Hua which translates to Angel Throwing Flowers.

 Throughout Chinese history, Tian Nu has been  associated with many stories and legends. She is known as the bringer of good news, knowledge and truth and would deliver these gifts by spreading flowers.

 If you were lucky enough to be touched by one of her flowers, you would receive these valuable gifts.

Later in Chinese Taoist history, it was said that Tian Nu spread flowers to help heal those suffering from an epidemic.

 Tian Nu tosses many blossoms about so be sure to catch one! Check back often for new articles and interesting features and don’t forget to like us facebook and find us on Pintrest and Twitter!








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Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Articles that are relevant to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs are shared as well as papers and articles written by MCOM graduates, current students, and faculty. Questions and concerns should be directed to mwcpublicist@aol.com

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